Magistro DOC Val di Cornia

Ansonica Passito 100%

magistro no sfondo

2013 vintage
Terrain – foothills, medium texture, limestone, dry, good balance of nutrients.
Vineyard – 5100 vines per hectare, spurred cordon method.
Yield 600-700 kg/ha.
Grape variety – Ansonica 100%.
Harvest – second half of September.
The grapes are sun-dried by hanging for a minimum of 50-55 days in a greenhouse with natural ventilation.
Vinification – traditional crushing and pressing, static cold settling of the must and fermentation at controlled temperature for 60-70 days.
Ageing – 4 months in stainless steel vats.
Fining – at least three months in the bottle.
Alcohol 13% – Total acidity 5.70 – Residual sugar 170 g/l.
Serving temperature 12-15°C.
Grapes are dried in bunches hung for about two months with exposure to sunlight and natural ventilation.
Organoleptic properties – intense golden yellow colour with amber reflections, strong aromas of apricot, fig, walnut and candied fruit. On the palate it is warm, enveloping and lingering.
Accompanies pastries, chocolate and blue-veined cheeses.

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