12 April 2018

Starts the building of new wine cellar of Rigoli’s Farm

Starts the building of new wine cellar of Rigoli’s Farm

The beginning of management of Niccolò and Edoardo (Nelusco’s sons) bring a new investment plan, the construction of the cellar is only a part of this plan. In fact the next steps will be a new vineyard, the making of a new tasting room and the conversion at Organic method.
The project is composed by a roof that will be used for the first processing of grapes during the harvest , an other room of 200 mq for the ageing of wines and a room of barrels for the aged.

Our wines increase the appreciation of the customers and the expert of the guides, for example The Gambero Rosso’s guide of 2018 gives a very good valuation at Assiolo 2013 and Montepitti 2015, in 2017 had evaluated positively N’Etrusco.

The fans of our wines can meet us at The Vinitaly in 16 /17 April in Pad. 10 desk D2, in the Anteprima Vini Lucca on 5 and 6 May and Il Marcato dei Vini FIVI di Roma a Cinecittà on 19 and 20 May.
How wants to buys can find it also in our wine shop on line!

Stay Tuned!

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